Silent Auction to Benefit Sharon's Nephew

Some of you may know about the serious medical issues our “Phyn & Aero Dolls, Ellowyne Wilde BJDs & More” Facebook group moderator Sharon's nephew is facing (multiple heart valve related surgeries, aneurysm, paralysis of his leg, foot and one hand). The medical issues have placed a huge strain on this lovely family with three young girls. Sharon started a Paypal Pool for his benefit, and to add to the cause I have created a one of a kind Ellowyne Ballerina doll (including her changeable high heel feet and original clear base doll saddle stand) that I am donating along with up to $40 in shipping costs (to help our international collectors) to generate funds to help his cause and have some fun with doll collector friends. International winners will be responsible for paying any shipping costs over $40 and their country customs duties and taxes. The Benefit Doll will ship in her Tonner doll box & shipper measuring 19”x7”x4” and weighing 2 pounds. Please read her COA and view her photos. She is a new doll lovingly created from new parts and painted in my “portrait style” and will be a beautiful addition to your collection. She will come fully dressed in her ballet costume, but she can also wear Ellowyne and other Tonner fashions.

This will be a “Silent Auction” with an opening bid of $25 and an end date of Sunday June 24, 9pm Eastern DST (Daylight Savings Time). Place your bids by emailing Sharon Montalbano at who will record and confirm your bid by email in return. It will help to tag Sharon in a Facebook post that says “bid” so she can look for your email with your bid amount. Please don't post the amount of your bid to keep the bidding anonymous. If you don't receive confirmation from Sharon, please tag her in a post to let her know. To keep the process exciting, Sharon will anonymously post the amount of the highest bid in the evenings to give interested bidders a chance to increase their maximum bid. In the event of a tie at auction close on Sunday June 24, Sharon will anonymously post the amount of the tie on Sunday evening and the bidding will be extended until the following day at 9pm Eastern DST. This will continue on a day by day basis until the tie is broken. The winner will make payment directly into the PayPal Pool Sharon set up for her nephew and email her with their shipping address. If shipping costs run higher than the $40 allowance included, the winner will pay me the difference through paypal. 

COA and photos follow. Please scroll down to view.

Let's have some dolly fun for a worthy cause! Good luck and happy bidding!

Your new, one-of-a-kind doll, began as a rare “Tea, Ennui & Me” 2011 event exclusive Ellowyne Wilde doll by Tonner Wilde Imagination. She was given a new changeable-feet ballet body by Tonner in a matching skin tone and repainted in dramatic tones for the stage using portrait technique based on a human model. I mix my own paint colors and her lips and fingernails are a tonal cool crimson to fuschia with silver frosting in the mix. Her eyes are in tones of smokey mauve. She was blushed and shaded to bring her to life, while not masking her original skin tone. Archival paints and sealers were used for her paint work. Applied upper lashes frame her gorgeous, beautifully set, original eyes. She has lush rooted hair in the original style embellished with silk ribons and satin flowers that are tied into place (easily removeable) to coordinate with her costume. Her costume was original to the ballet doll and was modified and embellished with hand beading and hand stitched satin roses to match her coloring. She comes in her Tonner ballet box with her “heel feet” and original stand. She can wear original Ellowyne fashions as well as Tonner ballet fashions. I hope she brings you much joy!

Peggy Foggio

June 19, 2018