Blush Whispers, a rehabbed and modified gown re-created from a piece by Mark Tinkey.  
The gored skirt of the gown was brilliantly designed by Mark, however the frayed edge layering was falling apart where the layers were  machine stitched to the gown.  This would not have happened if the frayed strips were cut on the bias.  Each of the strips has been invisibly hand stitched to the gown over the original machine stitching for stability.  The bodice and sleeves were reconstructed with new neckline and sleeve shape now ending in hand rolled and beaded edges, and lace-up back. Excess silk removed from the sleeves was used to replace damaged strips on the skirt. Complimented with a beaded choker. Modeled on one of my one-of-a-kind portrait repaint rest Evangeline dolls.