Court of the Sun King

Royals Gone Wilde Convention 2015  1st Place Category Winner and Overall “Peoples' Choice” Winner

The year is 1340 BC, and excitement is in the air! Sitamun-Lizette, daughter of the Sun King Amenhotep III, is about to be elevated to the office of “Great Royal Wife”. Yes you heard it correctly, the King's daughter is about to join his harem of wives, a tradition to ensure royal offspring. Sitamun is honored to have been chosen and is enjoying the attention lavished upon her in preparation for the celebration. Her outfit has been carefully crafted by the finest artisans of the time who have worked tirelessly to capture in the design, rays of sunlight, to please “Aten-tjehen” (intrepretation: “the Dazzling Sun Disk”) as they affectionately call the King. Her face has been painted with the “eye of Horus”, a symbol of protection, good health and royal power. She is crowned with a golden cobra, a symbol of sovereignty, royalty and divine authority. The Ankh she carries is the symbol of life.  Let the festivities begin!