Royals Gone Wilde 2015 Competition Winner

"Royalscapades" 1st Place in Category & Judges Choice Award

Princess Elloywne has done it this time! The Queen stares at the Times front page photo of scantily clad Princess Ellowyne with some muscian hooligan and the headline “Royal Love for Rufus”. Princess Ellowyne has escaped Britian without her body guards to accompany her true love, lead singer of the band Rufus, on their Australian tour. The article states the Princess believes she can better serve her people by living amongst them, and intends to take up residence with her new love. Smelling salts were required to revive the Queen, who fainted muttering something about annus horribilis. The “Way Ahead Group” was called into action for damage control and all public appearances by the Royal Family were cancelled until further notice. The Princess, on the other hand, is having the time of her life.