Ellowyne at the Ballet

It had been years since Ellowyne took ballet classes, and she couldn't remember why she stopped dancing. Dr. Bantam implored her to try again. Another rouse to banish her ennui? Skeptical, yet she adored the costumes, the music, the stories, the lights on stage casting the audience in pitch black, the feeling of floating in air. She dug around in her closet and found her old pointe shoes. Would her ankles be strong enough to walk in them? She sat and laced them up, carefully tucking the “pig's ears” into the shoes. If there was one thing she learned from Madam, it was to never let a sloppy ribbon escape from a pointe shoe or the ribbons would be nipped away in a second and your time in class would be spent stitching new ribbons in place, not dancing! She held onto the comode to balance en pointe, shaking the mirror in the process. Yes, she could do this. Next morning, first thing, she would sign up for classes. Perhaps Dr. Bantam got it right this time. Ellowyne adored the ballet. She would dance again!

Note: I hope to be completing a Spring 2018 Collection of Ellowyne ballerinas. Stay tuned!

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Salome "Dance of the Seven Veils"

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"Eurydice" from "Orpheus in the Underworld"