Note: I have a couple resin Evangeline dolls that I will be repainting in the next few months. Stay tuned!)

OOAK Resin Evangeline Ghastly Dolls except last two, OOAKs that began as hard plastic "Til Death Do Us Part" Evangeline and "Heart and Soul" Mortimer.

Pending JM 37 OOAK Evangeline in prototype "Girl Who Lived in a Tree"

Sold 38 OOAK Evangeline in prototype "Satin & Mink"

Sold 39 OOAK Parnilla in Evening Orchid

Sold 40 OOAK Evangeline in Midnight Dance

Sold 41 Evangeline "Forever Ghastly" Restoration

Sold 42 OOAK Evangeline "Clouds"

Sold 43 OOAK Evangeline "Dark Smile" (outfit modified with vintage silk and metallic thread trim, beading, lace and feathers)

Sold 44 Black Diamond Revisited (skirt and sleeves reconfigured, vintage corded lace appliqu├ęs, hand beading and added silk gauntlets)

Sold 45 OOAK "Til Death Do Us Part At the Opera" (hard plastic Evie)  Partial reroot, eye surgery, in OOAK outfit

Sold 46 OOAK Mortimer "Heart & Soul" wearing "A Night at the Opera"