15 *Prototype* Remember Me? Prudence, $350 no split. Dress still has Tonner/Wilde prototype tag attached.

Hold MRM 22 Lizette in LBD from "Breakfast at Tiffany's". $250 nude/bald. If MRM, ask about outfit & wig.

23 Ellowyne in Picking up the Pieces, $200 nude. Ask for photo of doll without hat if you see this before I post photo of her. Outfit not available.

Ask 25 Ellowyne $200 as is but slated for hair restyle.  Outfit not available.

29 Amber nude, $200. Outfit not available.

Ask 30 Ellowyne available with perfect new body $250 nude.  Current body will have stained areas henna-tatooed similar to hands and will be sold separately. Tattooed body price available once completed. Outfit not available.