Sold 12 Ellowyne in Whine

Sold 13 Lizette in Wool in the Wilde

Sold 14 Possibly Clairvoyant (I have 1 unpainted doll available for commission)

15 *Prototype* Remember Me? Prudence, $350 no split. Dress still has Tonner/Wilde prototype tag attached.

Sold 16 Ellowyne in Whine, Whine, Whine

SOLD 17 Lizette in Florid & Fussy 

18 Ellowyne in Lonely Heart. $250 nude. Outfit not available.

Sold 19 Prudence in Bold Move

Sold 20 Amber in Raw Edges

Sold 21 Amber in Royal Pain

Hold MRM 22 Lizette in LBD from "Breakfast at Tiffany's". $250 nude/bald. If MRM, ask about outfit & wig.

23 Ellowyne in Picking up the Pieces, $200 nude. Ask for photo of doll without hat if you see this before I post photo of her. Outfit not available.

Sold 24 Lizette in (modified) Romantic Mood

Ask 25 Ellowyne $200 as is but slated for hair restyle.  Outfit not available.

Sold 26 Ellowyne in couture silk set inspired by 1999 A. McQueen for Givenchy

Sold 27 Ellowyne in Bay Breeze

Sold 28 Rufus (Sorry, only one available!)

29 Amber nude, $200. Outfit not available.

Ask 30 Ellowyne available with perfect new body $250 nude.  Current body will have stained areas henna-tatooed similar to hands and will be sold separately. Tattooed body price available once completed. Outfit not available.

Sold 31 OOAK "Zombie Prom Amber", repaint, new eyes & wig, wearing "Bell Bottom Blues"