Repaints by Peggy Foggio

I have limited website photo storage and many more examples of work.  If you are interested in a particular style, please inquire.

Resin Evangeline Repaint (blank Resin):

Resin Ellowyne Repaint (blank resin):

Resin Evangeline Repaint (began as Unspoken Words):

Resin Evangeline Repaint (stripped doll):

Resin Parnilla Portrait Repaint:

18" Hard Plastic Parnilla repaint with eye modification:

17" Vinyl Evangeline Repaint:

Evangeline 17" Vinyl Repaint, eye replacement (Began as Dandy of Death):

Resin Evangeline painted in the style of "Grave Concerns":

Resin Evangeline Midnight Dance Portrait Repaint wearing restyled Mourning Mist wig:

Resin Evangeline "Dark Smile" partial Portrait Repaint (brows, additional shading & blushing, lip shaping and enhancement): 

Natural manicure:

Resin Ellowyne Portrait repaint:

Ellowyne "Soft Sigh" brow repaint and re-style:

Evangeline Tonner Store Exclusive Sister Moon Portrait Repaint and hair restyle:

Evangeline Mourning Mist Portrait repaint:

Mortimer repaint & eye enlargement:

Mortimer Mort repaint & eye enlargement with Hard Plastic Evangeline repaint and eye replacement:

Peter Pevensie Modified with inset eyes and Portrait Repaint:

Mortimer Mort Portrait Repaint:

Resin Evangeline:

Resin Parnella:

Ellowyne "Seriously Dressed":

Resin Ellowyne:

Evangeline "Graveside Flowers" repainted in the style of "Cemetery Wedding" Click for more photos 

A hard plastic Parnilla repaint:

Bo Bergemann "Malia":

A couple Tonner Patsy Doll Modifications/Repaints

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