SOLD Jordan: Jordan (Sandra Bilotto neck imprint) is a previously loved Denver boy with lovely fair range vinyl which is a perfect match to his 2001 tagged body and original medium blue Denver eyes. He is  in very good condition except for some pilling from velcro on his back as can be seen in the photos. His original wig was replaced with a My Twinn styled full back wig in the same color as his original. He was given wispy baby upper lashes as his originals were showing wear. His one brow had a rub so they have been repainted in portrait baby style by Peggy Foggio. He no longer has his white onesie and diaper but not to worry, he is potty trained. He will come dressed in his original My Twinn outfit which has faded some with age but is in very good condition. He is wearing Baby Gap shoes which match. If I find his original shoes, I will swap them out. He looks like he is ready to burst with excitement at the thought of moving on to a new home for more fun and games! $60 + shipping includes the matching new baby blanket still in original packaging.