Removing the hands ( and feet) of your resin Evangeline Ghastly doll to make dressing possible through narrow sleeves is easy with the help of a heavy duty paper clip.   Be careful not to work over an open vent in the floor.  The wrist ball is loose and you don't want to lose it if it slips off the hook during the process.  Here goes:

If your doll is tightly strung and you cannot pull the hand out far enough to unclip the hook,  pull the shoulder joint away from the doll on the side you are working on until you feel a bit less tension.  There is a knot in the elastic stringing cord connecting the shoulders/arms that can get hung up in the elastic cord that runs from head/neck to legs.  You should now have enough room to paperclip the cord loop at the end of the lower arm.

If the elastic cording gets away from you while you are trying to place the paperclip, simply remove the lower arm piece, loop a piece of thin ribbon through the elastic loop at the elbow and thread it back through the lower arm. Pull the ribbon ends and hook the hand back in place. Easy peezy! No fear!

Note the double-ended metal hooks that connect the hands may look different than shown. I have seen some with rounded hooks on both ends (as in the older doll in the above collage) as well as the hook shown (from a doll from 2014). 

Chipped resin at wrist joint: I received a doll where the end of the lower arm at the wrist joint was not smooth/ had tiny chips in the resin. This was easily smoothed out using 1500 grade micro mesh sanding medium.  Just remember that you do not want to breathe the resin dust.