Sold 2000 Denver 01 Bernetta,  Previously loved doll in pristine condition, Original perfectly matching 01 Denver body tagged 2000. Purchased from another collector several years ago. Her eyes were fading and her face paint was ordinary. She was given my last pair of Denver A40 medium blue eyes, and light brown lashes layered with a wispy dark brown lash to match the coloring in her brows. She was given a portrait repaint based on one of my child models using archival paints and sealers. After trying several realistic lip colors on her, I went with a pale neutral natural blend, so that her eyes would be her "wow" factor.  She has a very natural child-like look and can wear wigs in the blondes through light brown ranges. She needs a few final touches and to be sealed. This is a preview for a collector who is considering her.

In progress close-up. Lip paint needs to dry, be sealed, and a little touch up work, and resealed.