Lay-away LL. Rare 01-02 Very Fair Cai, new condition, 2012 body tag, purchased from My Twinn during one of the friend doll uploads right before My Twinn closed.  Not one of the post-My Twinn closing China re-pours. She is the last of triplets with the same Denver A5/A10 pale blue eye color, and platinum blonde curly wig that were "uploaded" at the same time on the My Twinn "Friends" page. What makes her "rare"?  The skin tone is  actual 01-02 Very Fair, not the darker "Very Fair" that the original Cai mold, a Virginia Era introduction, was poured in, during the time when My Twinn darkened the vinyl colors to be more similar to American Girl. This vinyl is lovely creamy 01-02 with no pinkish undertones. Please see the comparison photo below with a Denver 01 Caitie (Check out her finished photos!)  Cai's original face paint had some damage so she was given a portrait repaint based on one of my child models using archival paints and sealers. Only her paint work was sealed, the rest of her vinyl is as it came from My Twinn. She comes dressed in a gorgeous smocked gingham dress the color of her eyes, with My Twinn sandals and her undies and camisole set. An absolute cutie! $225 + shipping.

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