Lay away LL. 1999 Denver 02 KateKim Olsen brows.  Previously loved doll in pristine condition. I suspect she was bought for a child who had no interest in her based on the condition of her original, pristine, 02 vinyl 1999 tagged body.  I purchased her a few months ago from another collector when I saw her gorgeous Denver artist, Kim Olsen, brows.  The brow on the doll's left side (right side of photo) had some very slight damage, her eyes were fading, and she was deserving of a restoration. Her brow was repaired matching the color and strokes of the original artist, using archival paints and sealer. Her factory stenciled lips were repainted to fill out her lip lines. Only the painted areas were sealed. She was given Denver Era T50 dark brown eyes, new child-like lashes, and a hard to find styled by Denver My Twinn wig that I removed many years ago from a new Denver Era "Friend" doll, waiting for the perfect project. Only the painted areas were sealed. She has a small faint mark under her right lower lashes. It extends slightly beyond them. I only noticed it when I changed her lashes, but it is there so I point it out. Look at her closeup photo for it, though please forgive the lint on her upper lip in that photo. It is just dust, not an imperfection. She comes dressed in a gorgeous summer dress and sandals from the collection of Marie Schwalm, a "makeover" dress from a high quality children' dress, buttons and ties in the back. An absolute cutie! $200 + shipping.