SOLD Denver-headed Kelsey, This is a new Denver-headed 02 vinyl Kelsey with well-matched newer 2009 tagged body that was purchased new from My Twinn several years ago. NOT one of the post-My Twinn closing China re-pours. She has her original Denver LS Kelsey dark green eyes and young girl lashes. Her brows were nondescript so I gave her brow repaint based on one of my child models using archival paints and sealers. Only her new paint work was sealed.  Her original bangs short bob wig was unexceptional and she cried out for this gorgeous platinum blonde "Shay" wig by Monique, a high pony tail up do of tosseled curls. She comes dressed in a beautiful seamstress dress with My Twinn white patent Mary Janes and lacey socks.