SOLD RARE Denver-headed Madalene, new condition, purchased from My Twinn several years ago, all-original except for portrait brows repaint. 2009 body tag 04 vinyl, T 30 medium brown eyes, thick Denver Era wig, long lush lashes. She was deserving of beautiful brows so they were repainted based on one of my child models using archival paints and sealers. NOTE the close-up photo of her eyes and brows. There is a tiny imperfection in the vinyl under the doll's right lower eyelashes (left side of the photos). This is hidden by her eye lashes and I didn't notice it until I was studying her close-up photos, but it is there.  Comes dressed as shown in retired My Twinn outfit with there undies and camisole set. NOT one of the post-My Twinn closing China re-pours. Denver head, rare face mold in desirable skin tone. 04 bodies are very difficult to find and this is her original, new body as she arrived from My Twinn. $225 + shipping.

Skin Tone Comparison with 01/Very Fair Cai: