Lay-away AS Denver-headed Madison,  Portrait Repaint. This is a Denver 02 vinyl Madison head with original T50 dark brown eyes, that I sent to the My Twinn doll hospital several years ago for a new body. NOT one of the post-My Twinn closing China re-pours.  Her 2011 tagged very fair body, installed by My Twinn, is an excellent match to her Denver 02 vinyl. This doll was intended to become a portrait doll for my nephew's daughter, but it turns out that she prefers action to dolls, so I went in a different direction with the doll, modeling her after my own girly girl daughter as a pre-teen. Her portrait repaint was done with archival paints and sealers, sealing only the painted areas. She has a few very faint freckles that were original to the doll. I gave her lush lashes, just like my daughter's.  I gave her a new Kemper "Danielle" wig in size 14-15 for the added length and fullness. I styled the long wavy bangs as my daughter would have worn them, tossed to the sides with just a wispy bit falling over her forehead. She is dressed in an adorable casual "child's madeover" ensemble from the collection of Marie Schwalm, chosen because it is something my daughter would have worn. The furry sweater snaps in the back. I recommend that you wrap the doll's feet in saran wrap/plastic cling wrap if you will display the doll wearing the sandals for an extended period of time to protect from the black color staining the vinyl. I'm rather partial to this lovely doll, and I know her new owner will be thrilled with her! $175 + shipping.