Law-away CP.  Wilma: Rare Denver-headed 05/06 vinyl Wilma with newer 2008 tagged body that is an excellent match. Not one of the post-My Twinn closing China re-pours. Original T20 dark-rimmed light brown eyes. Original wig styled by My Twinn to go with her hard to find My Twinn princess dress with tights and slip on patent leather shoes. An exceptional doll, one of the early "Vintage Friends" releases, given a portrait brow repaint using archival paints and sealers by Peggy Foggio to highlight her exceptional beauty.  Purchased directly from My Twinn. Never a play doll. Dark vinyl color dolls/ bodies have become extremely difficult to find, that coupled with the rare Denver face and beautiful styling by My Twinn, makes this doll an exceptional find! $250 + shipping.

Skin tone comparison with 01-02 Very Fair Cai (left) and 04 Madalene (center):