The manor was quiet and Evangeline wondered why Mort left so early especially since it was her birthday. He did leave a note, asking her to wear her black beaded lace gown, because he had a surprise for her. She paused at her wardrobe remembering his favorite, and once dressed headed downstairs. Gazing down the hall, a vision caught her by surprise. Could it be? A doll in her likeness? She was entranced, though something about the doll left her unsettled.

One-of-a-kind matching gowns created for resin Evangeline and Kadira dolls. Evangeline gown modified from "Evangeline Black Diamond" gown embellished with vintage corded lace, hand beading, modified sleeves, added lining. Kadira gown a one-of-a-kind creation made to coordinate with the Evangeline gown.