A few examples of past commissions and one-of-a-kind projects. 

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Blush Whispers, a rehabbed and modified gown ensemble for Evangeline

Silk Tartan Kilt and accessories for "Scotsman Mort"

Princess Lysandra and her Warrier-guard Panache, one-of-a-kind repaints with Egyptian themed costumes

"Vintage Rose",Inspired by a tea length vintage gown:

"Family", inspired by the Himba people of Namibia

Inspired by "Elsa" of "Frozen"

Recreation of  Alexander McQueen "Girl Who Lives in a Tree"

An interpretation of "Cemetery Wedding"

Inspired by Vera Wang (more photos coming)

For Popovy Sis Spring 2015 Collection

Victorian Innocence

Renaissance in silk ottoman

 Inspired by adventures in Tuscany Corsets and Masks 
More photos of this "Wedding Night" lingerie set

The orchid as inspiration Orchid Gown

Hand-painted pink silk

Little Black Dress

Silk Clouds

Vionnet 20's Inspired Gown:

Enchantment, Coat and Gown ensemble with handmade beaded fly fringe embellishment.

Midnight Robe (designed to be worn over dress from Wilde Imagination's "Mourning Mist." 

Fantasy…if you can dream it, perhaps we can bring it to life